All Purpose Salon Cape | Hair Cutting Cape | The Cool Cape

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Cut, color and keep your client cool. The Cool Cape is designed to protect your clients from the basic salon elements and chemicals while keeping them cool with a patented cooling panel. The patented cooling panel strategically covers where it really counts: the base of the neck, shoulders and upper torso. Enhance the salon experience for your clients that run hot, hate being under the dryer or that may experience hot flashes. We are confident our products will truly help. 


  • Durable protective shell sheds water and chemicals
  • Lined with patent pending Cooling Panel on the inside that helps keep your client comfortable
  • Extremely durable and premium snap closures on the neck 
  • Snaps accommodate necks up to 25-1/2" in diameter 
  • The Cool Cape measures approximately 50" x 56-1/2" laying flat

To activate the cooling technology is simple-- just mist the inside cooling panel with your spray bottle (it doesn't have to be soaked), give the cape or apron a good shake. Put the cape or apron on the stylist or client.

The coolness of the liner will provide instant comfort; it’s designed to dissipate heat and wick away moisture.

If the client begins to feel hot and uncomfortable again, re-mist the cooling panel with water, being careful not to spray the wearer, then give the cape/apron a shake. The cooling effect should last for hours. 

Here's a quick video demonstrating the effectiveness of The Cool Cape's cooling panel:

Expect more from your salon wear and elevate your client's experience. Whether you're looking for a hair cutting cape, barber cape, or a hair dressing cape, The Cool Cape will deliver exceptional performance that does it all.