The Cool Cape

Throughout history

hairstyles have come and gone. But styling capes and aprons have always been the same... until now! 

Enhance The Salon Experience

A client's appointment should result in renewed beauty and confidence, but their journey to get there does not have to be sweaty or uncomfortable. Neither does yours. 

Enhance the salon experience with The Cool Cape and The Cool Apron.

Using premium, high tech fabrics, our patent-pending protective capes and aprons help to keep you and your clients protected, cool and comfortable. 

Our products help to deliver the ultimate salon experience that merges beauty and utility with cooling comfort.

What are people saying?

  • "We literally have clients that come in and ask 'Where's my [cool] cape?' because it helps them feel so much more comfortable."
    -Julie, Owner/Stylist - Downtown Salon, Fredericksburg, VA

    "We LOVE The Cool Cape! I'm 8-1/2 months pregnant. The Cool Apron saved my life."
    -Kara, Stylist
    Element Salon and Spa, Central City, Ky

  • "It's like wearing air conditioning for us super sweaty types!" 
    -Ursula,  Educator/Stylist
    Wellington, KS

    "My stylist used this on me and I was so impressed that I purchased one as a gift for my friend who has terrible hot flashes. She takes it with her to the salon and LOVES it!"
    -Brenda, Client - Layers Salon, Richmond, VA

  • "Awesome! A few weeks ago I went to get my hair cut. Terri B., my stylist,  had purchased The Cool Cape and The Cool Apron. I loved it! I have my own private summers.... and did not get hot like I usually do during my appointment."
    -Michele, Client
    Katy, TX

    Where was this 40 years ago when I started doing hair!? 
    -Joanne, Independent Stylist, Lively, VA


How is the cooling technology activated?

The outside is a durable, breathable shell constructed to repel water and chemicals as well as stand up to the demands of a salon environment.

The inside liner is a free-floating, high tech cooling panel designed to cover the critical parts of the wearer and provide cooling comfort when activated.

To activate the cooling panel:
- Spray or mist the inside panel with water. It should be wet but not soaking. 
- Give the cape or apron a good shake.
- Put the cape or apron on the stylist or client.
- The coolness of the liner will provide instant comfort; it’s designed to dissipate heat and wick away moisture.
- If the stylist or client is still feeling hot and uncomfortable, re-mist the cooling panel with water then give the cape/apron a shake.

How long does the cape / apron last?

Both the cape and apron, even with the cooling panel, were designed to last as long as your normal capes and aprons. 

How long does the cooling effect last?

The cooling effect is inherent to our proprietary cooling fabric. Meaning, the cooling effect will never wash out!

When worn, it will stay cool as long as the fabric is activated/damp. If needed, re-mist or fluff the cape or apron and the blast of fresh
air should re-start the cooling process.