About Us


The Cool Cape founder Michele Trogdon owns Studio M salon in Glen Allen, Virginia. A respected stylist in the Richmond area for more than 30 years, Michele wanted to improve her clients’ salon experience.

“I was frustrated to see my clients – men and women, come in cool, calm, and collected and start to grow increasingly uncomfortable in their capes. Especially when I’m doing chemical services, it’s not uncommon to have our clients perspire. 

Perspiration makes it difficult to get even results and stay on schedule. I knew there had to a better way to keep my clients cool and more comfortable. I was inspired by the way cooling towels work and started to notice people using them at the gym. I tested dozens of different cooling fabrics and finally found the perfect one for a salon environment with maximum cooling benefits.

Pretty cool — right? Now my capes are keeping my clients cool!

I knew we [stylists] needed something too. We stand behind our chairs all day, busy doing timely chemical services, blowouts, and using hot tools. We deserve to stay cool too. 

Many of my stylist friends have switched to The Cool Apron because of the benefits. 
I’m sure you and your clients will be grateful for The Cool Apron and The Cool Cape experience."