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The Cool Apron is a patented all-purpose apron that is designed to protect a stylist from the basic salon elements and chemicals while keeping them cool with a patented cooling panel.

The patented cooling panel strategically covers where it really counts: the core of the chest. If you are stylist that runs hot, gets uncomfortable from the air of the dryer or that may experience hot flashes, we are confident our products will truly help. 

To activate the cooling technology is simple-- just mist the inside cooling panel with your spray bottle (it doesn't have to be soaked), give the apron a good shake, then just put on the apron. 

The coolness of the liner will provide instant comfort; it’s designed to dissipate heat and wick away moisture.

If the stylist starts to feel hot and uncomfortable again, re-mist the cooling panel with water, being careful not to spray the wearer, and give it another shake to reactivate the cooling technology. The cooling effect should last for hours. 


  • Durable protective shell sheds water and chemicals
  • Lined with patent pending cooling panel on the inside that helps keep you cool and comfortable
  • Adjustable straps at the neck and waist
  • Two open pockets for quick access to your tools
  • One size fits most
  • Laying flat The Cool Apron's front panel measures approximately 29" x 33"
  • Neck straps are  28"
  • Waist straps are 33" each (66" total)

Here's a quick video demonstrating the effectiveness of The Cool Apron's cooling panel:


This is the most advanced and nicest hair stylist apron on the market. With the unique cooling benefit, it's sure to work for you when you're working your hardest!